Our Story

At Studio Binär, we reach out to our clients from Vienna, Austria, the heart of Europe. Our team is passionate about online marketing and advertising. We offer digital advertising products and services to effectively and efficiently communicate the messages of our clients through all relevant online platforms and media channels, in all appropriate creative formats with the best targeting available.


Online Media Planning & Buying, Campaign Management

We develop impactful online campaign plans to meet clients’ marketing objectives, budgets and timelines. We employ innovative advertising technologies to reach the most valuable target audiences for every step of the customer journey. We manage and optimise digital campaigns to drive advertising effectiveness and focus budgets on the best performing areas.

Our multi-channel digital campaign management greatly enhances execution and optimisation. We support clients by translating campaign data into actionable insights regarding their digital properties, advertising creatives, their most valuable target audiences and customer journeys.


Studio Binär is a proud member of IAB Austria.     IAB