Hello, we are Studio Binär.

We are passionate about digital advertising. We plan online campaigns to reach target audiences across all relevant online platforms and media channels, on desktop and mobile devices. We employ cutting-edge advertising technology to communicate our clients’ messages in a wide variety of creative formats through display, video, social, search and native advertising. We optimise campaigns to engage and convert the most valuable online audiences in order to unlock true efficiency in digital communications.

What we do


Online marketing


Digital Media Strategy


Business Development


Output-driven Media Planning


Tech-Savvy Media Buying


Integrated Campaign Management

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Programmatic Advertising

Our real-time advertising system is at the heart of our offering. Through flexible access to all major programmatic trading platforms globally, we reach and engage the target groups for clients' campaigns in local, national and international media, on social and video platforms, on desktop and mobile devices.

Programmatic Advertising